NameDescriptionLast commit
wavethe wav writer2021-09-23 20:27Z
osc_ioscillators, part i2021-10-25 16:32Z
osc_iioscillators, part ii2021-10-16 02:28Z
mixmixer2021-10-16 02:42Z
adsrenvelope generators2021-10-16 02:44Z
ctrlcontrol parameters and thread safety2021-10-16 02:54Z
delaydelay and echo2021-10-16 03:03Z
spectrmspectrum visualizer2021-12-22 09:01Z
reverbartificial reverberation2021-10-16 03:17Z
extaudio plugins2021-10-16 03:23Z
denormaldenormal numbers2022-07-22 08:59Z
pvocphase vocoder and pitch shifter2023-03-08 21:49Z
kpssome starter code for delay♯2021-10-16 03:13Z
spectrm_ssome starter code for spectrm♯2021-12-22 09:04Z
mweminimal working examples2024-06-04 19:09Z
toolssome handy debugging tools2021-10-13 02:41Z
quirkssome mind blowing stuff2021-06-21 01:00Z
usportha minimal rewrite of sporth core2021-12-24 21:20Z
osoa tiny, hackable oscilloscope2021-11-02 03:43Z
imgui_jucejuce backend for dear imgui2024-06-06 05:43Z
luartfast real-time dsp prototyping template (wip)2023-03-13 12:57Z
oscra local router for open sound control2021-06-08 13:30Z
kbcustomizable virtual midi keyboard for jack and xorg2021-06-08 04:43Z
mu.checkmake sure everything builds2021-12-22 10:47Z